Austrian Barmaid Swag
She is a Polish girl in Australia, tall, not tanned, not hot and brunette called + Kasia


I selfishly want Marina to release her album next year, then I’ll be 18 by the time she tours Australia (if ever) and yeah it would be nice to actually be able to see her live plz

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GtKM (Music Edition)Favorite Female Artists [2/10]: Marina & the Diamonds

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XL106.7 Presents Marina & the Diamonds LIVE From The RP Funding Theater (x)

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Every day i feel the same, stuck and i can never change. Sucked into a black balloon.

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Marina for Ground Magazine. Photo by Yeon J. Yue

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Feel like I really need to go on a big op shop/market trek soon

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When I discover a new song I have to tell everyone about it I’ll hum it and when someone asks me what song it is I love it I live for it

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The main reason I got a front fringe ages ago was to hide my eyebrows then I discovered the wonders of eyeshadow and eyebrow pencil I’m really glad we’re past that 

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